We work with American Canoe Association and British Canoe Union coaches to provide a comprehensive method for refining your paddling skills. Whether you are just getting in a kayak or a canoe for the first time or would like to enhance your skills for guiding, leading or instructing in a packraft or on a SUP we can help you achieve your goals.

We continuously provide instruction that does not make it to this list including skills assessments, ACA trip leader certification ACA instructor certification, packraft courses, river kayaking, SUP courses and certification, and canoe classes. If you would like to be informed of other training opportunities, please contact us.

2018 Kayaking Courses

Learn how to control your kayak in a variety of conditions, including open water (at the appropriate level). Training courses typically include rescues, strokes, maneuvers and similar skill development.

The May Day Rinse Off: L2-L3 sea kayak
Venue: Right Beach
Cost $400

Kayaker Cove Kayak Camp
ACA level 3-5 Coastal Kayak training
Dates: 5/20-5/25
Venue: Kayaker Cove in Resurrection Bay
Fully catered this year!

ACA L3 Coastal IDW & L3 Trip Leader Training
Dates: 8/4-8/7
Venue: Right Beach
Cost: $500

ACA L3 Coastal ICE & L3 Trip Leader Assessment
Dates: 9/8-9/10
Venue: Right Beach
Cost: $400

ACA L2-L4 Sea Kayak (3 days)
Dates: 5/5-5/7
Venue: Right Beach
Cost: $400


2018 SUP Courses (stand up paddleboard)

ACA Essentials of SUP
Dates: 5/5-5/7
Venue & Price: TBD
Dates: 5/26-5/28
with Roger Schuman
Venue: Hope
Cost: $450

ACA L1-L2 SUP (1 day of lake practice and 1 day trip)
Dates: 6/16-6/17
Venue: Hope
Cost: $300

ACA L3 River SUP (1 day)
Dates: Custom – you decide!
Venue: TBD
Cost: $150

2018 Packraft and River Kayaking Courses

ACA L2-L3 River Kayak and Pack Raft (2 days)
Dates: 5/12-5/13
Venue: TBD
Cost: $300

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