Here are a few of our kayak skills courses for 2016. We are also happy to create custom instruction for your group or even private lessons. Please contact us for more info.

Kayaker Cove Kayak Camp

Come join us for five nights at the Kayaker Cove Hostel in Resurrection Bay. This course is student focused with the ability to cater to different skill sets and student objectives. We will journey around Resurrection Bay to work on skills ranging from advanced boat control to leadership and advanced rescues. There will be exploring, visiting the marine life and maybe even hiking.


This is not an optimal venue for novices. Due to the dynamic area, the potential for interesting weather exists. Participants need to have intermediate (ACA level 3, BCU 3*) skills at a minimum.

Incident Management

Any group is only as strong as its weakest link. Do you know yours?

To the Incident Manager, the group members he is leading become tools in the toolbox of rescue and recovery. Are your tools sharp enough and do they match the tasks you are going to set them when things have gone wrong?

Incident management isn’t just about rescue. It’s also about developing strategies, recognizing adrenal fix and harnessing concurrent activity, both within your group and while using outside agencies.


Participants should be ACA level 3, BCU 3* sea or equivalent.


Intermediate Skills

ACA Level 3

We will build on the skills learned in Sea Kayak Fundamentals; effective edging will be refined and applied to all strokes and maneuvers. Towing and navigation will be introduced. In this course we also hope to introduce some variable conditions: wind up to 10-15 knots, waves 1-2′ and current up to 2 knots are all possible.


ACA level 2, BCU 2* or equivalent

Sea Kayak FUNdamentals

ACA Level 2

This class is for everyone.  The fundamentals of efficient paddling, while keeping your body strong and safe, will be introduced.  We will work on safely getting into and out of a closed cockpit sea kayak, above and under water. We will also learn self rescues, assisted rescues and bracing.   The core skills introduced and refined in this course are the building blocks for long- term development.

Advanced Skills

ACA Level 4

It is time to have fun! We will actively search for areas with surf, current and wind and learn to paddle safely in them. This course will utilize the skills from previous classes and apply them in moderate conditions. There will be a focus on leadership, navigation and rescues in moderate conditions.


ACA level 3, BCU 3* or equivalent

Packraft and River Kayaking

ACA Courses

Are you planning a trip involving a packraft or river kayak? Already paddle a packraft by realize you can be more effective and efficient? Then our Packraft and river kayak courses are for you (see schedule). Learn how to safely paddle and be a competent member of a group. Learn how to perform effective self and assisted rescues in the event of a capsize. Learn how to read river features, hazards and current flow, and what strokes to use to effectively navigate and control your course. We’ll also cover gear for safety and comfort.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

ACA L-1 and L-2 Courses

SUPs are one of the fastest growing areas of paddlesports and outdoor fun! We have courses designed to help you select the right equipment for your goals, and to learn skills including effective strokes and stances, and how to control your board and get the most performance and fun. If you’ve seen someone do a drop-knee tail spin, or other fun techniques, we have the course for you! We are also offering an Instructor Development Workshop in May for those who want to teach SUP to others!

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